What will be covered under Pet Insurance

Up to 50K Hospitalization and Surgery reimbursement

– Pre and post-surgery expenses reimbursement

– In case of hospitalization, Max Rs2500 per day for a maximum of 4 days.

– Sum insured benefit after death of Insured dog (SI amount varies as per breed)

– Cremation/Burial charges reimbursement up to Rs. 3000

 – OPD charges are covered for injury or diseases

 – Following diseases are covered under OPD cover

✓    Meningitis

✓    Hepatitis/Liver Dysfunction

✓     Pneumonia

✓    Peritonitis

✓    Inflammation of Prostate Glands

✓    Pyometra

✓    Vestibular Disorder

✓    Eye Related Problems except for Glaucoma

✓    Parvo virus

 – Cover up to Rs. 30000. 

10% deductible of the claim amount. subject to a minimum of INR 1000, is applicable on every claim.

 – This optional cover provides you a lump sum compensation of INR 30,000, if your favorite pal is diagnosed with any of following critical illnesses:

✓    Cancer

✓    Kidney failure

✓    Coagulation disorders

✓    Cardiac dysfunctions

✓    Distemper

✓    Leptospirosis 

The optional long term care cover provides you a lump sum compensation of INR 25,000, if your furry friend is diagnosed with any of following illnesses, which requires long term care:

✓    Epilepsy

✓    Pancreatitis

✓    Cushing’s Syndrome

✓    Diabetes

✓    Thyroid Dysfunction

✓    Ascites

✓    Glaucoma

✓    Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Where there are pets there are bound to be accidents. If your pet happens to be the cause of a mishap that results into an injury, death, disease or property damage of someone else, this cover will have your back for the legal liability, if you opt for it.  Further, we will also protect you against the legal costs of defending a claim.  You can opt for a Sum Insured of either INR 5 lakhs or INR 10 lakhs under this cover.

An optional cover, you are eligible to claim for this if your pet goes missing up to the SI (Sum Insured) that you’ve opted for. Further, this covers allows you to offer a reward of up to INR 5000 to anyone who can help you find your precious pet.

Upon the occurrence of a loss, you will have to immediately report the loss to the Police Authorities and get a General Diary entry lodged as well as register the incident with us.  You would need to make full efforts to find your pet for at least 45 days including, if necessary, advertisements in local newspapers, and this cover insures you against such advertisement cost to the extent of  INR 1000 as well.